Monday, September 2, 2013

Salsa, borscht and sauerkraut

After a couple of days of apple sauce and apple butter and apple cider, we decided to do something that had no apples in it! Although, after last nights OFRE pick, the back deck is again awash in apples and there are still small piles of apples on ever surface in the kitchen.

A look in the zucchini patch meant more zucchini salsa, about half of which I pressure canned for later. Jenn also made borscht while I tried my hand at sauerkraut. Assuming I have the gas (...), I will also try some fermented coleslaw this afternoon.

We received a gift of cherry tomatoes so most of these were oven-roasted yesterday while other things were underway on the stove-top.

The pantry (well, the closet in my office) is starting to look like it is in pretty good shape. I have a bunch of tomatoes ripened that we'll can later in the year. Plus potatoes and carrots for the basement cold room.

The next major challenge will be figuring out how to make sugar out of the sugar beets. But that can wait a couple of weeks while I deal with the apples on the deck.


  1. Wow! You've been busy! I know what you mean about the apples... we were gifted some from neighbours and after making heaps of applesauce, I'm in need of a break from all things apple-y!

  2. Thanks; yes--very busy. Yet there is still so much empty shelf space. A few days away from the apples has restored my perspective and I'm keen to try an apple-rhubarb crisp this weekend.