Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Potato harvest

The potato patch has pretty much died back and I'm keen to get the beds reorganized for next year so we went out last night to dig Russian blues.

Jess was excited as we got a good haul. The potatoes were, on average, smaller than the blue caribe and they grew in a more diffuse manner. I'm not sure we'd grow these again next year--I might like to try something a bit more traditional.

In any event, these are on the back deck hardening up a bit along prior to storage. Alongside are a bunch of sunflower heads I cut off last night. These are Himalayan giants and the stalks and heads live up to their name. I'm reaching up about seven feet in the photo below and we'll be saving some seed for next year.

Poking around out back I see some of the garlic we planted a few weeks ago is up. And the photo also suggests the bed needs a bit of weeding!

As we were hauling in the last of the tomatoes and goodly amount of beans, I noticed the butternut squash plant finally produced some fruit! This plant got hailed into oblivion this summer so I'm surprised it survive, let along fruited. I expect we're too late in the season to get anything other than a couple of novelty gourds from it.

I've spent the day over-roasting tomatoes and I'm hopeful we'll get a chance to go rosehip and crab apple picking this week. It also looks like the second batch for apple cider is finishing the first ferment so I will likely rack it off to a carboy this weekend.


  1. Waiting to hear more about your cider. I must spend the winter getting organized to make some next year.