Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Roasted roots with Russian blue

I pulled the first Russian blue potatoes out of the ground this afternoon (plats are dying off) and threw them into some roasted roots for dinner tonight. They are the mauve-ish chunks with the black skin, not the reddish beets. All told, a colourful dish all from the garden.

There is a tiny bit of scab on these so no luck using them as seed for next year. But the haul looks good so we'll eat well for the autumn. I've also canned some more salsa and brought the tomatoes on the window sill down to manageable numbers. Today was the first day it felt like fall and I'm now motivated to get moving on finishing up a few more beds.

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  1. No need to put tomatoes on the window sill. They ripen better, actually, at room temp rather than warm.