Sunday, October 6, 2013

Last of the preserves and garden renovations

Jess and I spent a chilly half hour Friday night after dinner gathering the last of the crab apples on a tree I spotted while riding my bike. We then processed them and put up some jelly--likely the last of the preserves unless I get a donation of something late in the season. These gelled nicely and taste fantastic! I also bought some bags of cranberries and froze them for muffins during the winter.

Then we went to work in the yard. We've got 75-odd feet of rows done and ready for the spring next to the garage. In the foreground in out nascent asparagus patch I put in this spring.

So we put our efforts this weekend into duplicating the rows in the gardebn on the north side of the lot. We're close to finished, with three 25-foot rows that just some amending and a few late-season beets to pull at some point.

The strawberry patch is also still producing. But beyond some lettuce and a small bed of sugar beets, we're basically done harvesting for the season.

The next step is to refurbish a few more beds before the snow flies and have a tree removed (hopefully this week) in the front.

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