Sunday, October 20, 2013

More cidering

Both of the carboys of cider had finished their secondary ferment this week and I decided to shift some stuff around. Racking them off had opened up a fair bit of air space in each carboy (as some of the cider was left behind each time) and I was worried about air contamination. So I combined both carboys into one that I will bulk age for a few months and then bottle (and try my hand at apple jack) in January.

That left me with about 9 litres of cider, so this afternoon we bottled a bunch. I recruited some willing hands to help with the booze ("best playdate ever!"). I got to try out my new capper and we have about 7 litres carbonating in the basement.

The remainder came upstairs. Jenn and I sampled some at lunch (it is surprisingly strong!). The taste was good, especially cut with a tiny bit of pop to sweeten it a bit (it cidered dry).

We then put nearly two litres away in the cupboard to see if we could make apple vinegar. After that it was back out to the garden to dig in some of the leaves in the front and generally putter. Apparently I forgot to freeze rhubarb this summer so I had to rescue a bunch from the plants to make pie this evening.

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