Sunday, January 26, 2014

More cheese

The unseasonable melt continues outside and some of the front garden even made a brief appearance on Saturday. i imagine more snow is on the way so I haven't rushed to get the shovel sharpened, although two of the three bikes are in the basement and tuned up for spring.

The cooler temperatures on Sunday kept us indoors for a quiet day. I finally ran down some rennet and citric acid (and Barb's Kitchen Centre) so I decided to try my luck at mozzarella.

I hauled out the candy thermometer I got for Christmas, heated the milk, curdled it and voila, we had curds. I got some advice from one of the cheese places that I shouldn't try mozzarella right away as it was too hard. It was a tiny bit more work then paneer, but hardly difficult even for a newbie.

I decided to try the stretching using heated whey (instead of the microwave) since it was there and already hot. And after a couple of submersions and stretches, we had a large ball of mozzarella.

I put it in the fridge to cool and then froze two-thirds. The rest I put into a capresse salad for dinner.

I see the wine is about ready to bottle, perhaps later this week.

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