Friday, January 17, 2014

More wine making

The warm weather (+8C!) turns a young man's mind to gardening. Fortunately, the two feet of snow offers a corrective and we trundled down to the basement to continue making wine.

We're through the secondary ferment so racked the wine off to clarify for a couple of weeks before bottling. Some of the ingredients require stirring for a specific amount of time and, to my embarrassment, the only portable clock we could find was Darth Vader.

The finished carboy needs to sit some. I see Jessica managed to photobomb  this picture. Now onto cleaning up some of the tools. I wonder how difficult it would be to make mead once the wine is bottled?

Assuming the weather holds tomorrow, we may go out and putter a bit in the yard (ice chipping, bike maintenance, etc.). At some point, we need to decide what to plant in the spring. I have a more "more beets" sticky above the computer so that should factor in!

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