Saturday, March 8, 2014

Organizing the seeds

With some nicer weather and some spare time this morning, I wandered over to Apache Seeds and looked to fill in a few gaps in my seed box. While I have a fair bit of leftover corn seed, I was looking for something a bit different and settled on Hooker's Sweet Corn. I'll be growing these around back--hopefully far enough away from the corn in the front yard that that they don't cross pollinate.

In amongst one of the corn patches I'm keen to try this new squash I picked up. Looks like an immense amount of flesh and apparent stores well.

I also snagged some of these Chioggia beets--which are so much fun to grow and cut into. Not that I'm short on beet seeds--just fun to buy a few more. I also grabbed some netting so we can make a couple of more trellises for peas.

I dropped in on the wine making store while I was in the strip mall and talked about making mead. I'm not sure i need another project, but mead has a lot of appeal and I've quite liked the bottles I've sampled over the years.

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