Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ice flows, bunnies and pea trellises

Despite five days of (relatively) lovely cycling weather last week, winter has temporarily returned with cold temperatures and new snow. The river valley is full of bunnies, gnawed branches and ice flows.

The yard is slightly less snow-bound but it still icy.

That said, the bunnies are starting to turn noticeably brown so I'm hopeful we'll shortly free from the snow pack. Parts of the front garden are almost melted out.

To keep us occupied, Jess and I built two more of the 5x5' steel conduit pea trellises that we built last year. These workers very well and seem indestructible.

I expect we'll put these in the back yard alongside the garage to give us some additional peas. My copy of Alberta home gardener has arrived so I'll spend the afternoon looking at pretty pictures and imagining the garden in three months.

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  1. I had a bunny living behind my front yard bush...apparently!