Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spinach seeds in the cold frames

After a lovely bike ride and then a long walk, Jess and I flipped up the cold frame glass and moved some dirt around. We could dig down about four inches in one and it was about room temperature so I decided to drop on spinach seeds in and see what happened.

Jess was in charge of planting while I worked the camera. Then we tromped around the back yard, scared some rabbits and discovered some of last autumn's garlic starting to melt out. I think this was a German hard-necked variety that put on a bit of growth before freeze up.

We're starting to get the point where enough dirt as melted out in the front yard that we are going to have bare soil very rapidly. I'm keen to see some irises start to come up while we wait for things to warm up for planting. Looks like there will be some nasty cleaning up to with leaves and needles and whatnot having blown in after our last rake of the fall.

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