Sunday, April 6, 2014

Early spring clean-up

A few days of warm weather has winter on the run and I expect we'll be fully melted out by Tuesday.

This is very exciting and we've been out pacing the yard and racing toothpicks in the streams. The front yard is almost bare of snow and this year's potato patch he'd its shape through the winter. About half of this I planted last fall (to see if overwintering intentionally was a viable strategy). I even remember what part I planted!

In the backyard, I've started the process of cutting out the hedge in behind the garden. This is a huge pain in the butt to keep trimmed. My plan is to replace it was raspberry canes and saskatoon bushes over the next few years. I managed to cut out about 24 feet today and then ran out of energy.

The other project for the spring is to try and graft some Evans cherry scions onto the ornamental cherry we have in the back yard.

Now for a bike ride!

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