Monday, April 14, 2014

Ready for planting

Although the weekend weather was chilly, I spent a fair bit of time outside getting the beds ready for planting in early April. The day started by putting the walla-walla onions outside to harden off a bit. We picked up these starts at Apache this week and some water has really perked them up. 

Around back, the much abused tulipa tarda has come up. This long ago gift from our friend Alan has been abused, buried, dug up, tossed aside and keeps coming back. It also has the good sense to grown, bloom and die off before any veggies can be planted.

The cold frames are starting to show some progress, with the first spinach seed germinating. I have dragged out the hose to ensure that I remember to water them.

Most of Sunday was spent out front getting the beds ready. The curved bed in the foreground is mostly raspberries and irises and there is a three-foot band of irises bordering the side walk on the left.

The near furrows contain potatoes--some planted last fall and the rest bought and ready to drop in place. The far furrows will contain corn and (on the edge) squash and beans this year. The far furrows were iris bed until last fall so I spent much of Sunday hoeing up the last of the iris bulbs and trying to move to soil into some semblance of rows. I then dropped a bunch of lawn litter on the pathways. Then we sat on the deck and had a glass of wine.


  1. Nice work :) You're going to harvest a heap of veggies from that front bed!

  2. Thanks; I'm very excited to plant; the neighbours have had more mixed reactions to the loss of the front lawn... :)_