Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hawthorn bush and radishes

While we waited for the garden to dry out from yet another spring snow, Jess and I went for a wander in the river. Last week Jess ran across (well, actually into) what I think is a hawthorn bush. I'm not sure what type this might be (I've heard of snowbird, toga and morden hawthorns growing locally).

This week we went looking and found two more spots with hawthorns (smallish ones--the soil is poor) and I noted them for possibly jelly making. Each autumn Jess and I try a new foraged berry (chokecherry, high bush cranberry, rose hip, etc.) so if we can get enough berries I'll give this a whirl.

The radishes in the cold frame have germinated (way outdoing the spinach in the other frame).

In non-garden news, I cut open a sweet potato the other day and got this odd-ball white bit. No idea what that is about. tasted okay and no one died so perhaps just a weird mutation.

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