Saturday, April 12, 2014

Onions and Chives

Jess and I planted about 150 onions Thursday night. These are a mix of yellow and white. We also have a bit of garlic and some walla-walla that we'll drop in the ground tomorrow. 

The chives are also up and I'll add some to biscuits tomorrow for dinner. The ground is thawed down about six inches in sunny spots so its not surprising to see perennials stirring.

Jess tried a chive and confirm they still taste oniony. She used to love these as a toddler but was less impressed this year.

In the front a plant that produces a pretty little yellow flower is pushing through the leaf litter.

This afternoon I started moving some soil into rows for corn out front the house. I also raked the mold off the lawn at the back. And I think I saw some spinach germinate in the cold frames!

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