Sunday, April 27, 2014

Waiting for spring

A wet and cold week has slowed down gardening. The chives are hardy as always and are a welcome shot of green, especially when the sun comes out.

I received a donation of rocks last week and have been slowly adding them to the garden to bank up the sides of a couple of rows--great heat sink. While moving stuff around I saw one of last year's rhubarb transplant had poked its head up.

The radishes are going great guns in the cold frame. I thinned these (eating the sacrifices) and they are still very crowded. It is exciting to see something come up. The spinach in the frame beside it is much slower to get started.

Some of the shrubs are also leafing out. This mock orange gets a lot of heat on the south side of the house and is coming right along.

Last nights rain means the yard is too muddy to do much. Of the sun comes out, we'll maybe add some fresh soil and sheep manure to the two barrels Jess wants to plant with flowers. Otherwise, it might be a quiet day at home.

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