Saturday, May 24, 2014

Apple and Saskatoon blossoms

The past week has been quite warm and the yard has really come along. The apple tree is blooming, hopefully a promise of a more bountiful harvest this year!

The Saskatoon bush has also put out lots of blossoms and there have been a dozen very large bees flying around the flowers.

Out front the first of the potatoes have pushed up. No sign yet of the potatoes I overwintered but the seed I bought and the seed I kept have both come up.

The peas are beginning their climb up the trellis. I love their tendrils and the chickadees have been in and out of the trellis all weekend.

I put the cold frame glass away, managing to break one of the panes (arrgh). The radishes are small  but tasty. I have been thinning them out to make room for the rest to fill in.

I spent this morning cleaning the gutters out and, if I can get off the couch, will try my hand at dandelion pesto tonight.

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