Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cold weather!

Well, we've had quite a day of rain, sleet, snow and sun! The cooler weather has kept us inside, making cheese and whatnot.

Outside I'd say we're about a week or 10 days behind the past few years. The beets are just starting to germinate in the warmer, raised beds.

Jess wanted to plant some flowers so we turned under some soil and amended it beneath the bird bath and she seeded in a bunch of bushy marigolds. The barrels in the front and back got snapdragon seeds.

The chickadees appears to have gotten used to us in the yard as they largely ignore us.

With the cold wind, I decided to go for a walk instead of a bike ride today. Down in the valley I looked for wild asparagus but I'd say we're a week or so of warm weather away from being able to pick anything.

These fellows were just poking out of the ground and in a couple of spots there was nothing to seen at all yet. Our own asparagus (in a slightly cooler spot) hasn't emerged at all.

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