Tuesday, May 13, 2014


 This week has been crazy with work and, of course, warm weather has finally arrived.

The stuff we seeded early on is starting to show. Most of the onions and the garlic are up as are the peas a few hardy beets. The carrots I left to over winter in the ground are a dud (rotted out so you can poke the top down and it drops into a nice, cylinder-shaped hole) so a good lesson in what doesn't work!

Jess and I hit the river valley to forage asparagus. We got a few nice ones, a few small ones and happen upon a huge patch of hawthorne bushes we'll go back to later in the summer for jellying. Mostly is was just a fun walk up some steep hills.

The "death bed" that I built where nothing ever grows (for whatever reason) has both pumpkins and lettuce (that self seeded last fall) up. Not sure what makes this year different. The cold frame has been cranking up the temperatures immensely but I can't imagine that is the difference.

Tonight we got the last of the potatoes and the first of the carrots in. We also put in a few cherry tomato and basil plants on Sunday. I'm off to the store to get some more starters and a few seeds tomorrow at lunch.

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