Friday, April 3, 2015

Garden starts to wake up

Warm weather (plus some additional moisture) means the garden is starting to wake up. With last night's snow melting, I took a quick walk around after a bike ride.

Most of the action is on the south side of the house. There are strawberry plants putting out new leaves, along with tulips, irises and daylilies up through the leaf litter. I snagged my first taste of wild onion today.

Around front, some of the tulip tarda has come up near the street. The backyard is slightly darker and snowier. The chives are up and are a nice shot of green.

I also stumbled across the first of the rhubarb, in among shells from the feeder and bunny poop.

If I get organized, we'll pick up some onions to plant this coming week. And the tomatoes in the basement are starting to come along.


  1. Hopefully we get some of that warmth by next weekend. I'm excited for gardening season to start!
    Unfortunately, I have a tree that needs to come down in the backyard - it has been occupying my thoughts more than garden plans lately!

    Also, thanks for the reminder - I have to try to get my hands on some rhubarb to transplant into my garden.

  2. Tree removal is exciting. The dope heads that live to the south of me took a tree (growing in amongst the power lines and parking stalls) down a few years ago by tying a rope to the top and pulling while one of them cut the bottom. Rope was much shorter than hypothenuse. I was surprised how fast pot heads could move when she finally let go and the figured out they were in the crush zone.

  3. You should drop by next weekend - there's a fair to middling chance I'll be dropping a tree on my head :)