Thursday, April 16, 2015

Onions, peas and garlic

Jess and I have been out each night this week, fiddling with this and that. We planted a bunch of walla-walla onions (80ish?) in various spots.

We also managed to get the pea trellis chopped out of the icy spot I left them and two are now set up in the front. We planted some peans on the front and will plant some beans on the backside for a second harvest off the same space.

The garlic continues to jump up, which is heartening and I have been watering the onions sets and beet seeds

Jess has also got the bird bath back in operation, even managing a dainty pose.

This weekend we'll put one or two more pea trellises up (needed a bit of maintenance) and maybe clean up some of the mess that is under the deck.

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