Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Renovations and carrots

I spent much of the weekend completing some much needed changes in the back garden. The pathway from the lawn to the garage had become overgrown with crab grass and purple bellflower so I pulled everything out. Some of the perennials were transplanted around front. Still early days but I seem to winning the war against the bell flower.

The rest of the mess was sifted and the soil put back, extending the old garden bed (on the left of the path) by about 5 square feet) and the new garden bed (on the right) by about 25 square feet. I banged in some extra onions abutting the path, figuring those would be easiest to weed around this summer.

Jess and I then went out and planted what should turn into about 400 carrots by the end of the summer. That sounds like a lot but (with give-aways) that nets us only about one carrot per day.  That helps frame some of the production limits to growing your own food on a city lot.

We mixed it up a bit this year while seeding the carrots. Instead of seeding rows, I worked out a final spacing system and we seeded individual depressions. Should be slightly less weeding involved and we used way less seed! We put in a mixture of nantes and yellowstone.

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