Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sod off...

After a busy morning of spreading socialist propaganda, we spent the afternoon in the yard. Jess is keen to recover some beds around the house that are presently filled with irises and daylilies so I carved an extra 100 square feet of bed out of the lawn. When the irises finish blooming in early June, we'll move them into their new home and clean up the beds for veggies next year.

In the back I repaired one of the pea trellises and got it staked into place (barely visible below at the north end of the long bed). Jess sowed the peas and we fought the crab grass and chives that are threatening to take over.

The rhubarb is really colourful when it first emerges. I managed to get a well lit shot this morning in between intermittent hail/snow.

I think we're close to ready to plant potatoes. They take awhile to emerge and the weather looks good so I'm going to roll the dice. Assuming I can lift a shovel after today's sod cutting.


  1. Looks good!
    We spent the weekend making garden plans - removing the fence at the back of the property and extending the garden with some chicken wire - nearly doubling the size. I decided not to plant in the front yard this year, as my renters have a 4-year-old and a dog. The back is all mine though :)
    Now, if only the overnight temperature would stay above 1 C, I could probably get some plants in the ground...

  2. Great news on expanding the garden! Do you need the wire to keep deer out? Or just to demarcate the border some. Yeah, waiting for good weather is trying. Lots of seeds do okay with freezing though (kale, beets, chard, peas, garlic, onions).

  3. Mainly to keep the deer out, but also as a (somewhat minor) deterrent to roaming packs of dog and human vandals. It backs on to the alley, so there's not a lot of traffic, but kids like to seek out things to destroy when they are bored. (or maybe I'm just paranoid - the neighbourhood has cleaned up a lot in the last few years).

    Good to know about the freeze-tolerance - I will try to get some into the ground this week. Unfortunately, this weekend was lost - I had a day-long course in Edmonton that could not be avoided.