Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bulbs, bugs, hail and tomatoes

It has been a very busy week but Jess and I have been outside as much as we have been able to swing.

Many of the spring bulbs are up, including these tulipa tarda. They are always a welcome sunny spot in the yard. I keep trying to move them around front (and out of the veggie beds) but we never seem to get them all.

The bugs are also out and enjoying the weather. This lady bug was enjoying the apple tree until I annoyed it with my camera and it flew away.

Then it hailed (two days in a row!). Then the sun came back out.

Jess and I decided that summer has arrived and planted out most of the tomatoes. I've got the heirloom Irish linen ready to throw out in the yard if frost threatens.But the forecast looks good, the city has a bit of a heat island and perhaps global warming is starting to push the frost dates back.

The kale in the cold frames have really started to respond and I'll be doing away with glass tomorrow.

The tulips are also out and flowering in warmer places.

Today we seeded in some bush beans and hunted for beet shoots. I see some peas are up so we may look to plunk in the zucchini and pumpkin seeds tonight.


  1. BOB!! Don't do it - Winter is coming (again)!!

  2. The tomatoes are safely tucked away under blankets, both of cotton and snow! And I see the sun is coming out again. Ah spring you trickster!