Sunday, May 10, 2015

Ah, spring in Alberta

So, we awoke to this on Wednesday. Fortunately, I had wrapped up all of tomatoes before heading off to my scrutineer shift at the polls Tuesday night. No major damage although a couple of tomatoes I had under glass were touching the glass and froze off the tips.

The snow was mostly gone on Friday and underneath there had been a huge amount of growth. The beets are mostly germinated and the onions have started their impressive early growth.

The beds of kale and swiss chard at the back are also starting to emerge. And the garlic is more than 10 inches tall out front.

The fruit trees and bushes are also forming flower buds. Fortunately, the air temperature wasn't too cold and they all look okay this year. All of the bulbs have also emerged unscathed.

We spent yesterday putting in the rest of the tomato plants and moving perennials around to make more room for potatoes. We also put some flowers in over at the in laws. Today we have the last few seeds to put in (squash, cucumber) and I have more crabgrass to tackle.

If I get ambitious, I will break out the lawnmower this week. There are a few places that could use a trim already. I also need to run down a few basil starts and get the hummingbird feeder up.

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