Monday, May 18, 2015

Tulips, violets, potatoes and wine

The Victoria Day weekend was pleasant this year and I spent much of it knocking back the weeds! The tulips are up around front and quite pretty.

The garlic is also growing quite nicely, although I suspect the beets will soon catch up.

In the backyard the violets are out. This one we planted originally in about 2000 and it moves around the yard as the seeds get carried here and there.

It is presently add some colour to the potato bed. The potatoes are just peaking through the dirt. The carrots are also just emerging. Hopefully we can avoid any more frosty evenings.

I spent some time in doors this morning racking off the last batch of wine to bulk age for next fall. I think this one is a Cab-Merlot-Shiraz (I should keep better records) and smelled great. I'll bottle it towards the end of summer.

We have a few more tomato and paper starters to transplant this week (the weather looks great starting tomorrow) and also some basil. Then I need to clean the garage.

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