Saturday, May 23, 2015

I forgot summer gardening requires stretching...

The middle of May arrives and the garden goes from a somnolent "come on, something germinate" to a knackered "oh crap, my back!" And thus was my first full day of gardening in a frantic Edmonton summer. I worked extra hard today to get tomorrow afternoon free to head down to the Leg.

The flowering trees and bushes are beautiful. The lilacs under Jessica's window are finally big enough to put out some blooms and they are much earlier than the lilac we have in the back. The apples trees are also in full bloom.

I have been taming the rhubarb (which keeps creeping up over top the basil in the back planter) by making pie. I should also can some to put on oatmeal next year.

The beets, carrots and zucchini have all germinated as have some of the bush beans. The pole beans seem a bit slower and no sign yet of the pumpkins.

The strawberries are also just starting to blossom. I spent a fair bit of the weekend cutting back the hedges and pulling crab grass that is regrowing in the beds I recovered earlier this spring. fortunately, it is much easier to get out of disturbed soil.

Around front, the tulips are probably at their best, with some of the early bulbs just finishing and the rest about to open. The Saskatoon bushes have also flowered and all of the tiny berries are starting to form (plus I figured out side-by-side photos on blogger--hello, extreme vertical pictures).

Watering has been a bit of a chore (trying to keep the seed beds moist enough for germination) but it is clouding up nicely. Perhaps a brief shower over night. I also see the Jerusalem artichokes have come back as promised. We should, in their second year, be able to get some bulbs to eat from this bed. Now to make more pie.

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