Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Jasper community garden

There is lots to see in Jasper, but one of my favourite stops is their community garden. It is located just up the street from the train station and has gorgeous views of the mountains.

The garden is surrounded by an elk fence (the challenges of mountain gardening!) and contains 40ish 4x8 foot plots. Over the years, gardeners have also started colonizing some of the empty spaces in the garden and there are mini-gardens tucked into corners everywhere.

The diversity of vegetables and flowers is pretty amazing, especially given the shorter growing season and space constraints.

Some folks have also expanded their beds. This stone expansion sits in front of a regular wooden bed.

This gardener has gone upwards, with a pea trellis capped with an inverted light fixture for basil.

I suspect frost, fires and animals make for some interesting challenges, but it is a lovely use of otherwise dead space in the townsite.

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