Saturday, August 1, 2015

Zucchini season means salsa

We took a short vacation to Jasper. While we were away, the zucchini plants suddenly started producing huge fruits! (The one pictured below is resting on a four-inch fence board.)

The largest one is about the size of a newborn (24 inches long, maybe 10-12 pounds). I put a basketball in the photo below for scale. We grew three different types of zucchini this summer after a total failure of the zucchini crop last year (which is weird because zucchini never fails; I assume it was something I did).

Jenn started chopping right away because she likes zucchini salsa. I have skinned the tomatoes and everything is ready for canning today. Need to haul the pressure canner up from the basement. It is a cool day with some rain so that will make the canning less tedious.

We pulls some walla walla onions from the garden to go in. We'll make another batch later this summer when the tomatoes are ready. Jess also made some saskatoon-lemon-zucchini cakes (wow!) and we passed one onto the neighbour to make zucchini noodles.

The sunflowers in the front are just starting to bloom, to the delight of the bees. And behind the garage, the swiss chard has gotten big enough to start harvesting and drying for soup stock ingredients.

I see someone (Jessica...?) dropped a bean seed in the lawn this spring. Not sure what to do about that. The lack of rain means mowing has been minimal this year so I might just leave it.

The buckwheat we planted as a green manure has come up and is flowering so we'll cut it down and leave it to rot. Then I think we'll put some radishes in as the pickled radishes I made earlier this year are amazing.

The garlic out front is also just about ready to be harvested and cured. Sadly, the berry season seems to be coming to an end in our yard. But that means we can start to transplant some raspberry canes to make room for more veggies in the front yard.

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