Friday, August 28, 2015

Tomatoes, onions, apple pie and salsa

Last weekend was a bit of a blur of canning. I used the tomato mill to grind up about six litres of sauce. Some I have frozen for use as sauce for tomatoes and pasta.

Some went into zucchini salsa. And, only a few days later, I see we have enough tomatoes for another batch despite a tomato-heavy diet this week!

Jenn and Jess were recruited to dig onions while I supervised and kept an eye on the nearby wasp nest. These are now curing in the garage while I have moved the garlic into the basement for storage.

The beats have been super productive and we have steamed, roasted and barbecued them.

Alas, I did not plant enough green beans this year and I have run out. I wonder if the drought affected production. They were super tasty and I'm glad I blanched a froze some.

Friends gifted us some apples so I canned a gallon of apple-pie filling and put two tarts into the freezer. We picked our own tree last night and will pick a friend's tree tomorrow so I suspect we'll be saucing. Jess is making some sort of dutch apple pie as I type.

As usual, the cucumbers are coming on late and I think we'll be lucky to get any. I will try them in the ftont next year to see if I can get them a bit more sun.

I started digging potatoes from the back garden. Nice suds but not very many (maybe a drought issue?). It may also be that it is just time for us to buy some new seed stock.

The pumpkins are really doing well. This is the most successful at about 12 inches in diameter.

 I'm off to water the tomatoes and beets. Again!

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