Thursday, August 20, 2015

Tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins and apples

The harvest season has commenced, if a few weeks early. The tomato plants are yielding a good amount of ripe tomatoes for eating plus enough paste tomatoes to contemplate making more zucchini salsa this weekend. Next year I need to plant more tomatoes to make sauce.

We're also starting to see some cucumbers. These are always so slow to grow in our yard (maybe a bit of shade is the problem). I had planned to have the cucumbers climb towards the deck but I see an errant scarlet runner bean got there first. The cucumbers are helpfully sprawling forward into the space left by the onions.

The pumpkins are starting to turn orange. I'm hopeful we'll get five. I love the look but begrudge the space they take up.

By the driveway, the second planting of radishes germinated. I have three kinds in here. This bed already yielded spring radishes and a crop of buckwheat (green manure) so I'm hopeful these radishes will mature before the weather turns.

A friend kindly let us glean their apples the other night so we have a couple of gallons to make pie with. We also have about 60 apples on our tree (first year it has had a mature crop). I'm not sure what we'll do. Some we'll eat. Others will likely get sauced or perhaps canned as apple pie filling.

Out front the beets and carrots are maturing. I planted some buckwheat in a spot where I harvested the garlic and potatoes. It seems to be growing well and I caught this moody shot of the bed during a shady part of the day.

This weekend holds some canning and a further harvest of onions and potatoes.

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