Friday, July 24, 2015

Raspberries, tomatoes and sunflowers

Jess and I went out to Roy's Raspberries to pick this week. It was a beautiful day. Alas, Jess was bushed from an all-day birthday pool party on Monday and wasn't much of a picker ("This would go faster if you picked some berries." "Oh, right. Sorry.").

Despite a lot of staring off into space, we managed to get two gallons, which should be lots when combined with what is coming off of our own bushes.

I was weeding and noticed the tomatoes are really doing well. The larger eating tomatoes are huge and just need to ripen some. The saucing tomatoes aren't quite as far along.

There are lots of small cherry tomatoes (in red and yellow) that should be good to pick shortly.

The perennial sunflower patch has self-seeded again out front despite the depredations of the sparrows last autumn. The shorter flowers are just getting ready to flower out.

The rest of the yard is coming along nicely. I suspect the garlic and onions will done and ready for curing in the next two weeks. I also have a couple of potato plants that have died back already. Not sure if that was due to the drought or if they are just finished. I may spade them up to see what is there. Now back up the ladder for more fun with water-logged elm seeds in the gutters.

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