Thursday, July 2, 2015

Saskatoons, raspberries, beets and zucchini

The garden in starting to turn toward summer with some of the early Saskatoons ripening in the front yard. Along with gooseberries and strawberries, I'm collecting these piecemeal and adding them to a bag in the freezer for a mixed berry pie in the autumn. I managed ti stick myself good on a gooseberry thorn.

The bees are into the delphiniums and the Persian cone flower making the backyard a busy place.

I see that, in the dying days of June, one of the local schools planted a veggie garden. They have lovely flower beds around the front but I'm always excited to see kids learn some gardening.

I don't have quite enough beets to pickle yet but they are coming along. Maybe by the weekend. Can you pickle radishes? The zucchini are setting some fruit, which is nice.

Our front, the black raspberry is also starting to set its fruit. It will be another three or four weeks before we can hazard the thorns on these guys.

With my summer vacation started, we'll be doing more around the yard. I'm presently cooking some soup to start thinning out the remaining veggies from last year. And we ate the first of the carrot thinnings this morning.


  1. Here's a pickled radish recipe I tried last year:
    Quick and easy, and pretty good too.