Saturday, July 18, 2015

Raspberries, beets, zucchini and peas

Jess was in a camp this week so I sent a fair bit of time in the kitchen. Raspberry season is upon us (about three weeks early). I picked about a litre over the past few days. You can see the nasty thorns on the black raspberry if you click on the picture and see the larger version.

I culled the first crop of beets and pickled them with the last of the garlic scapes. I expect we'll actually be able to get two crops of beets off this year. The zucchini are also doing really well.

We harvested most of the first flush of peas and I blanched and froze them for Christmas dinner.

I also brought some order to the freezer, moving stuff up stairs to eat and stewing and canning 7 litres of rhubarb. Out back, the alpine currants are bearing fruit. These are so small and seedy as to be not worth the bother other than as a snack on the way by. 

Tonight we harvested some of the Swiss chard and made a nice salad with home-made break crumbs. Depending on how the week goes, we may go to a raspberry upick this week.

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