Thursday, July 9, 2015

Zucchini, grapes, peas and raspberries

The heat has kept us busy keeping the garden watered! Around back the zucchini plants keep pushing out blooms and we now have three kinds of summer squash (jade, lime and yellow) slowly getting larger.

Yarrow has also reappeared (like the pretty weed it is) in the back garden despite my efforts to transplant it somewhere else.

My neighbours are growing grapes (concord, I think) and our peas are filling in. We usually get two harvests but these need a few more days to plump up.


Some of the annual seem to be really loving the heat. The marigolds in particular are really giving 'er.

I spent a bit of time this week turning strawberries (and some Saskatoons) into various kinds of jam.

Our front we have raspberries ready to eat. This is the first year we've had all three type of berries ready at the same time (usually they are spaced out over the month of July). 

If I can get Jessica out of bed tomorrow, we'll go pick some Saskatoons at a u-pick north of St Albert.

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