Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Strawberry picking and pie filling

Jess and I hustled out to the Strawberry Creek Farm by Warburg yesterday for the start of strawberry season. We were the first ones there and, within 20 minutes, the field was full of families.

The picking was good and went quickly (we got 30lbs in about 40 minutes). Jess also found a frog eating the many hoppers ("Don't put it in the bucket--no amount of sugar will cover that taste!").

Big, sweet berries at $2 a pound were a deal. Even adding in the gas we burned, it is less than half the price of buying them in the store and they taste a lot better.

We hulled them last night and this morning I harvested enough rhubarb to make 12 jars of pie filling. There are still three buckets of berries in the fridge. Some we'll package for smoothies this winter and freeze. Lots are being eaten fresh.

Other than one jar that was reluctant to seal no matter what I tried, it was a successful morning of canning. Eventually the jar sealed--it was weird as the jar rim is fine, lots of head space and I swapped in brand new lids and rings. Whatever.

I see the Saskatoon berry u-pick we go to is also starting today--a couple of weeks early this year, just like the bushes in my yard. It will be a couple of days before we get out there as I need t finish processing the strawberries to free up space in the fridge!

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