Monday, July 13, 2015

Poppies, Saskatoons and Lilies

Thanks heavens the heat wave has finally relented some. Twenty-eight degrees at midnight is a bit of a grind! The garden has been loving it, though and last night's downpour has lightened the watering load today. The poppies are out and providing nice colour here and there.

Jess and I went out to T&D's Saskatoons on Friday and picked three buckets. The berries were huge and we got a brief impromptu lesson in Saskatoon farming from the very nice man who was running the place.

Huge berries there were super sweet because of the heat.

At home I'm starting to pick raspberries. The lilies are also out. Not sure what kind these are--planted them a long time ago and they have been moved here and there as the beds have been converted to vegetables.

The heat has pushed the beets far enough that I will pickle some this week. The first flush of peas is also ready for picking when Jess gets home from day camp this evening.

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