Sunday, April 14, 2013

Daylilies, bulbs and rhubarb

The snow was not as bad as expected this weekend so with dinner cooking, I went out this afternoon to  poke about. On the south side of the house there was quite a bit of stuff poking through, including these daylilies. 

As I stuck sticks in various spots and considered what herbs to plant, I also noticed some of the tulips were through the leaf litter.

Around back, a large section of the old garden bed is snow-free and soft so I think we'll put the rest of the garlic and some of the onions in tomorrow after school. As I jabbed sticks in here and there, I noticed one of the red rhubarb plants had pushed up a shoot.

And some of my friend Alan's tulip tarda (tardia?) were also starting to leaf out. These guys have been thrown about with digging and soil moving and just keep coming back (in new places). I also paced out where to put the bean frames and tagged some branches to cut as soon as the footing firms up a bit.

This week's pie is strawberry rhubarb. We're more than half was through the freezer and Jenn is cooking up a chicken from Serban Free-Range farm tonight.


  1. I had to run out and see if my rhubarb was up yet, and no, it isn't. Some tulips and crocuses are coming through the ground. I am also working my way through the freezer. Have been enjoying pomegranate juice that I made when they were cheap and in season. Will be pulling out pears and green beans soon. And lamb. I am a hoarder so this is quite difficult for me to do! I am also working my way through my cold room. Such a tough life, eh?

  2. Wow, Edmonton ahead of Swift Current? Sounds crazy to me. Yes, eating last summer's bounty is a pretty sweet gig. Not sure if I want to buy a second freezer (just for winter use) or experiment with pressure canning this coming year. I keep reading horror stories about pressure canning on a glass-top range (mostly involving a shattered top).