Thursday, April 18, 2013

Trellis for peas

I wanted to do a better job of using the vertical space in our garden this year. So three or four weeks back (when it was warm but there were several feet of snow) we spent some time in the garage with a hacksaw putting together two 5x5' pea trellis frames made from electrical conduit.

Jess learned the difference between a phillips and a robertson screwdriver plus expanded her German vocabulary when I slightly sawed my hand.

Today the snow had retreated enough that we got the frames out into the garden. They are along the north border. Between the trellis and the fence we'll grown sunflowers. And in front we'll grow other veggies--I think we 'll plant these with beans.

We got a nice (nearly invisible) green bit of netting on one and I zip-tied it to the stakes I bought. We'll string the other one tomorrow. Looks like there is room for a third on on the left but I think that can wait until next year.

And, with pea shoots on the mind, we had a visit from one of the many, many bunnies hopping around the neighbourhood. These fellows are big!

In the cold frames, the garlic has doubled in height in a few days and it was about 24C inside this afternoon.

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