Sunday, April 7, 2013

Quilting, bread and pie

Another four inches of snow and some chilly temperatures have put the binders on spring so we spent the weekend indoors. Jess had always wanted to sew and I had been meaning to pick up quilting so we decided to start. Jess will take some proper lessons this summer but (as I recall) the basics aren't that hard.

After several hours of cutting and ironing and stitching and a bit of swearing (quilting was the only time my mother ever found Jesus...), we managed to put together two and a half squares. We learned a lot along the way and seem to be getting better as we blunder forward.

I also baked bread to go with a tomato and bean soup that is simmering. While making soup, I discovered we're onto our last head of home-grown garlic. This garlic has been amazing and is juicing still, more than 8 months after it came out of the ground.

For whatever reason, I think I finally have the bread making licked (getting great rises) so onto buns. I also made an apple and cherry pie from the freezer stocks--we're more than halfway to the bottom, which is encouraging.

If I get some time this week, I'll walk over to the seed store and get some onions and garlic for early planting (weather is due to warm and the cold frame are in good shape).

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