Friday, April 12, 2013

Planting garlic

Today was a lovely day and the snow continued to retreat around the south side of the house (alas, another 10-20cm is predicted for tomorrow!). With the garden about  a month behind usual, we decided we couldn't wait any longer to get the garlic in the ground.

We picked some up yesterday at Apache seeds (along with some yellow onion starters) and, after school, Jess plunked two heads worth into one of the cold frames. The quality of the stuff we got last year was exceptional (lasted until just this week and super juicy) so I plan to put two more heads worth elsewhere in the garden in a week or so. The soil in the cold frames was room temperature and a delight to dig around in.

While Jess was spacing rows, I looked over the site of the herb garden. It needs a lot of work before dropping some plants in (you can see the remains of the raised bed I took out in the autumn). But it was nice to see some soil and the green tips of the irises poking out.

Jess snapped this pic while I was doing some inspecting. I've included it only to highlight how old I look this week! In my defence, it has been a trying month at work with layoffs and collective bargaining starting. Nice to get back out in the garden. Next up is some kale in the other cold frame and perhaps some rooting around out back to ready the garage beds for beets.

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