Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Blossoms and potatoes

The lovely weather of the past two weeks has started the fruit blossoming. The apple tree beside the house has opened up and these pretty flowers are hopefully setting fruit! I will hand pollinate a few tonight to be sure.

The strawberries are also flowering. These never seem to have a problem setting fruit.

Around the front, a low-growing phlox has once again come back from a winter of neglect in bad soil. It is hard to get a picture that shows how lovely these purple flowers really are.

Most exciting was that the potatoes have poked through the soil. This year I planted blue caribe and a Russian blue. Both have come up at the same time (one if early setting and one its late) which (fingers crossed) should mean a decent haul of potatoes this year.

I have a pretty rich bed for the potatoes so I dug deep holes and then just barely covered the potatoes. As the plants grow, I will start to fill in the holes and, eventually, mound them up to see if I can get an extra few potatoes from each hill. Now if only we could get a it of rain, that would really help.

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