Thursday, May 16, 2013

More planting

Over the weekend, we were bale to get most of the rest of the garden planted. I still have some tomato plants to go in (Roma) along with some space for cucumbers and maybe swiss chard, but the rest is planted. The bulbs also started to really come out.

A few of the earlier seedings are starting to come up. The sugar beets out back have all come through this week. Good thing too as whatever weed came in with the manure I bought last year is also germinating!

And the peas have started to really take off. A few more days and some of them will find the nylon trellis in behind them and start to grow upwards.

This weekend looks like it might be the first lawn mowing of the season (sigh). So I guess I will sharpen the blades and all of that stuff. The hugel kulture bed could likely use some nitrogen anyhow so at least the cuttings have a home. The wax beans we planted there have germinated which makes the rows a bit easier to spot. I think the downtown farmers market also opens this weekend, which sounds like a fun trip.

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