Saturday, May 25, 2013

Rain, beans and flowers

After a dry, dry spring, it finally rained--replenishing the rain barrels and causing all of the plants to jump up overnight. The beans all around the yard are starting to spring up. The one below is a Mexican brown bush bean (basically a small kidney bean) that we saved over the winter. Glad to see these fellows spouts.

The perennial flowers are also starting to bloom as the bulbs die back. I'm not sure what this yellow flower is (I have three of these and they have been moved around a lot over the years). The irises are also starting to bud up.

More saved-seed peas are coming up in the front yard, while the early plants ones in the backyard have found the trellis an are climbing. Around their feet, beets are starting to put our second leaves ad the sugar beets in the back alley have really begun to develop. I've been reading about processing sugar beets and it looks like a syrup is likely our best bet this year.

The grocery store had a sale on jars this weekend so I picked up a bunch more 500ml ones. I must do a tally this weekend and also see what we have left to eat down. Last night I made rhubarb muffins from the freezer and I'll try some zucchini bread and a saskatoon berry pie tonight. If the rain continues, I also plan to try and make some mustard today.

Other than maybe buying a couple of replacement tomato plants (wind beat two to the ground last week, I think the garden is a good space. I turned under two failed turnip beds this week and plants swiss chard and the remainder of several seed packs (carrots and kale) to fill the space.

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