Thursday, May 9, 2013


Most of this week has been spent keeping seed beds moist and watching for germination. The peas continue to come up and we have dropped in a second sowing along with some more wax beans and Mexican bush beans. Still a fair bit of garden to go.

One of the fun parts of the spring is seeing where violas will pop up this year. We have two types (the one pictured above and a smaller, darker one) that have naturalized themselves and appear in different places each year. This fellow is on the south side of the house beside a path. I didn't even notice him until it flowered yesterday.

Today we're off to pick up some tomato seedlings and maybe some more seeds from the garden store--we're just about past the last-frost date and the weather forecast is promising so what the heck. We also put in some Mongolian giant sunflowers along the back of three beds--looking forward to seeing what comes up!

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