Monday, June 3, 2013

Flowers and fruit

The perennials continue to flower. Jennifer's mom gave us some lily of the valley (and the lawn and the hedge...) a few years back and it has the prettiest flowers with a lovely scent.

More exciting is seeing the Saskatoon bushes set a bunch of fruit. This one branch has more berries that we've seen on the entire bush over the past several summers and all of the branches are equally loaded.

The blueberry bush is also flowering. I'm not sure we'll see any berries, but I'm hopeful. The rabbits are finally leaving the bushes alone enough that they can grow a bit.

If the weather cooperates, Iw ill be spending the lunch hour weeding today. Lots of stuff has crept up in the wet weather, including my old foe purple hell... errr... bellflower.

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