Saturday, June 15, 2013

Irises and overwintered potatoes

The weekend has, so far, had rather unsettled weather. All of the rain has been good for the perennials, which are hitting their stride. Along the south side of the house, the irises make for a pretty path towards the bird feeder. The apple tree on the right has a few apples starting to grow. Tucked in, out of sight, is some purple phlox and rose-coloured pinks.

Around the front, the iris bed is really blooming. This bed will get a major renovation thus fall when the fire-blighted mountain ash comes out, the irises get relocated to the front (left side) of the bed, some fruit trees go in along the hedge and the rest is tilled for potatoes next spring. In the meantime, some tomato plants struggle in the foreground and the bush beans are coming along on the left.

I have noticed lots of places where potatoes have volunteered themselves. I presume these are ones I missed when we dug the beds last fall. It makes sense that the tubers can overwinter in the ground. I wonder how effective an autumn planting strategy would be (versus keeping seed in the basement overwinter)? These guys are a bit behind the potatoes we planted this spring, but not by much.

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