Saturday, June 22, 2013

The sun comes out!

A few weeks of damp weather has put some welcomed moisture into the ground but also means a backlog of weeding and mowing and trimming.

The peas and the beets has sprung up, with the peas topping two feet on the trellis. They are starting to flower but I'm hoping for another foot for growth from them. This steel trellis has worked very well this year and I will make a few more for next year.

The potato patch is also going great guns. And I had time to trim the hedge in the background.

There is a fair bit of nascent fruit in the garden. The strawberries are forming fruit, but I think we're a week or two behind last year. The apples are also starting to develop.

And the saskatoons are beginning of plump up and get some colour.

The final blush of spring perennial colour is happening, with these pinks providing a bit of ground cover. After these plants are finished we'll be relying on daylilies and delphiniums mostly.

I have a number of chores on the list today, including some bracing for the raspberry hedge, some more transplanting of raspberries and a general wedding. And maybe I'll put in a last late seeding.

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