Monday, July 21, 2014


Jess and I went out to T&D's Saskatoon's north of St Albert yesterday to pick some berries. It showered on and off as we drove out and we started in a slight drizzle.

You could hear the heavy rain coming across the fields and it was insane for about 10 minutes. We just stepped further into the row we were picking and continued. Jess thought it was a hoot, especially as her shoes picked up two inches of gooey mud and she stomped around pretending to be Gozilla.

We ended up with four buckets of berries and I started jamming last night. I'm most of the way through 10 or 11 litres of jam. The house smells amazing but I am looking forward to sitting down. I'm making some plain saskatoon jam and some mixed with strawberries from earlier this year. I have also put some saskatoons away to add to the raspberries when we go pick them.

With vacation upon us, I'm eager to get out tomorrow and grab some basil and make pesto. I also have some swiss chard to dry.

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