Friday, July 11, 2014

Peas, Corn, Potatoes and Tomatoes

Most of our gardening work this week was light watering and weeding. The heat of the week has really helped move the garden along. 

While none of the spinach I planted n this bed came up, I did have a lovely head of lettuce volunteer. I've let this go to seed to harvest it for next year. The delphiniums are also flowering this week.

Out front, the corn is making up for lost time ad has shot above the peas that are supposed to use it as a trellis (whew!). One spot in the corn beds is struggling. I think this is where the tree stump was ground off and I wonder if the rotting wood (lots of carbon) has locked up all of the nitrogen this year?

Out back the tomatoes are starting to fruit. Lots of little tomatoes and some of the larger roma and early girl are setting. I need to go out and tie up the plants again.

The peas are also ready for the first harvest. If we pick them now, we'll likely get a second set of blooms and pods before autumn.

The potatoes, both out front and out back are really big. Jess is just over five feet and these come up to her chest (minus about 9 includes of lift for the raised bed). No need to weed this bed, really.

We must be getting close to saskatoon season so I think that will be the next big round of canning.

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