Wednesday, July 9, 2014

We got the beets...

Jess and I harvested the first of the beets yesterday. These are in raised beds behind the garage and get a lot of heat in the morning. This thinning should leave a bit more room for the slower maturing beets to grow.

We steamed the beets for dinner (very tasty). We also sort through the leaves and ran the food dryer twice to put some soup fixings aside for winter. We also ate some carrot thinnings and despite being small, these were delicious!


  1. All of my beets are 'slow maturing' :)
    Of course, if I was more dedicated to planting on time, and weeding and watering, I'd likely have a better crop....

  2. Yes, shade and competition are a good way to slow maturation! I think I underplanted carrots and beets this year and over planted potatoes. Oh well!